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My artistic practice consists of expression through the plasticity of materials, which is nothing other than modulation of space, construction and modulation of spaces, since objects, things, are those that open space, those that  allow access to it, those that delimit and conform it. In my pictorial or two-dimensional work I carry out that modulation of space through gestures, in a kind of condensed choreography.

I try an ethical  and not merely aesthetic  relation with the materials that I use. And that means that the use I make of them (be it paper, paint, mud, wood, etc.) is limited to that, to a direct use, without loading them of any type of added value beyond it's own physicality. And the same can be said about artistic techniques. Just as poets, in some way, "profane" language, twist it, beat it, shake it to free it from its practical use, I try to do the same with materials and techniques, I try to free them from their cultural or conceptual burdens for that are shown in their pure physicality or plastic disposition. I do not believe that materials or techniques should carry the conceptual weight of the work, but simply be channels of expression, points of support, without a sense beyond their function in the composition.

Taking into account my predisposition to express myself through the plasticity of materials, the issues that concern me lately are the relationship with the public, which is always related to the community and relationship with "the other" or "the other", the collisions, accidents, the limits of the mental and the physical, of the public and the personal, of the cultural and the natural, their place of confluence, their vanishing points.

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